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Beautiful Bonus Packets generously filled with very special seeds.
Bonus Packets are $6.99

Butterfly Garden Hummingbird Garden California Poppies Organic Cilantro Cat Treats Three Sisters Garden Soil Builder Cover Crop

Native American Three Sisters Garden  A Living History Trio

Native American Three Sisters Garden seed packet

This handsome 4"x 6" bonus pack contains three inner packets of heirloom seeds with complete growing instructions. $6.99

Includes: multi-colored Earth Tones Dent Corn, Rattlesnake Beans to twine up the corn stalks and Sugar Pie Pumpkins to cover the ground. Heirloom

Three Sisters Native American Garden PhotosAccording to Iroquois legend, corn, beans, and squash are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive together. This tradition of interplanting corn, beans and squash in the same mounds, widespread among Native American farming societies, is a sophisticated, sustainable system that provided long-term soil fertility and a healthy diet to generations.

Growing a Three Sisters Garden is a wonderful way to feel more connected to the history of this land, regardless of our ancestry.  

Read more in Renee's article "Celebrate the Three Sisters", with complete historical and planting information.  LISTEN and LEARN about the Three Sisters (.mp3)

Seeds for a Butterfly Garden

butterfly garden seed packet

Bonus pack includes individual packs of these seeds:

Heirloom Zinnia "Persian Carpet"
White Cosmos, "Purity,"
Red Sunflower, "Red Sun"

seeds for a butterfly garden

Attract "the flowers of the air". Our 4"x 6" bonus pack contains three inner packets of easy to grow butterfly flowers whose ample nectar will bring butterflies to the garden all summer long. Includes complete planting and growing instructions and garden design information.
$6.99  Heirloom

seeds for a butterfly garden
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Seeds for a Hummingbird Garden

seeds for a hummingbird garden seed packet

Bonus pack includes individual packs of these seeds:

 Scarlet Runner Bean, "Magic Beanstalk"
Mixed Nasturtium, "Summer Charm"
 Zinnia, "Scarlet Flame"

hummingbird garden

Enjoy the iridescent beauty of darting hummingbirds . Our 4"x 6" bonus pack includes three inner packets of easy to grow, nectar-filled flowers that are hummingbird magnets. Includes planting and garden design information. $6.99   Heirloom

hummingbird garden
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A Rainbow of California Poppies

california poppies bonus pack seed packet

california poppies

Easy growing, drought-tolerant, silky California poppies in a vibrant mix of all their rainbow colors for carefree spring celebrations. Large 3/4 oz. packet sows 225 sq. ft.  $6.99  Heirloom

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Cat Treats, Mixed Gourmet Greens  

cat grass-cat treats

Our extra-fancy blend of organically grown seeds for fresh rye, oats, barley and wheat greens offers multiple sowings of fast growing kitty  treats. Extra large packet provides 10-12 sowings for consistent fresh greens. $6.99 

cat grass treats for cats
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Organic Slow Bolt Cilantro Bonus Pack NEW FOR 2016

The delicious spicy pungency of fresh cilantro is essential in salsa and many Latin American dishes as well as Southeast Asian cuisines. Our Cilantro holds in the leafy stage as long as possible, but for a continuous supply of fresh leaves, plan on making several successive sowings to have leafy young plants over the longest period. When plants do begin to flower, their pretty umbel blossoms attract pollinators to the garden and you can also scatter the spicy blossom florets in salads.  $6.99 

Soil Building Kodiak Mustard Cover Crop Seeds

A soil building “green manure” cover crop sown at summer’s end to protect and restore soil for future plantings. This high biomass mustard germinates & grows quickly, suppressing weeds & capturing soil nutrients to prevent leaching. Plants improve drainage & aeration, release nutrients, add abundant organic matter to feed beneficial soil microbes & earthworms, and helps control soil borne diseases. Contains 3 oz. of seed. Covers 325 sq. ft.  $6.99 

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